24 November 2009


Hi all! some months a go i was working on a brazilian comics project called Monkey King! When i finish the first 8 pages and send it to the creator of the project, some time after that marvel comics anounce a similar visually project... and was funny because i didn´t saw any visual stuff of this marvel project before... but the images are so similar... take a look! At Omelete website we have some text about it, in portuguese!

The english version of this coincidence, they said that rei macaco doesnt shows up until Monkey hitman was anouced...

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OAK (Charles Carvalho) said...

É o velho ditado... "Time que num faz!" LEVA!

Vamos vê no que vai dar isso... Mas como vcs, ainda num lançaram nada do personagem (impresso), quem lança primeiro acaba levando o credito.

É aguardar pra vê.

Pelo menos vc vai ficar famoso na Marvel... heheheheeee...

Fica na PAZ will!