30 January 2010

chico science illustration

hey all im posting today an illustration done for fun with some design look... chico science was the best showing something new at brazilian music he mixed some kind of tipical brazilian music with hiphop etc... but he dies in a car accident! shame!

27 January 2010


Some sketches finding a way to draw batman!

19 January 2010

MESMO fan art

hi people, my fan art to mesmo delivery book of Rafael Grampá!

18 January 2010

Sample pages again

last sample pages that i did last week! some mistakes... time to star other pages! see ya

12 January 2010

coffee? new sample pages

gosh... im on the sample pages again... shame on me! lol

08 January 2010


After buy a dc comic book mini heros of dc comics i did this fan art! the artist for this book was rafael albuquerque... in Brazil comic stores this book arrived this mouth, but was publish in usa about one year ago! i like too much the visual that rafael did to mini heros!

depois de comprar uma revista da dc comics com desenhos do rafael albuquerque com os herois estilizados e tamanho PP, fiz esta fan art! Claro que também muito inspirado após encontrar com o pessoal do Poison-lead para jogar conversa fora!

07 January 2010


testing page... i didnt like it... what do you think??

05 January 2010

sketches on the sofa

hey all, some doodles on the sofa!

01 January 2010


Hello all,
i hope you are doing well!
To fisrt 2010 post i got finished my pages to inkshot brazilian anthology done. do you have critics and comments? let me kndow!!!!